Biodegradable Bags

Developed from Eco friendly corn starch and PBAT materials, these Biodegradable Bags are sued for carrying garbage. These bags are preferred over their plastic based counterparts in terms of their non toxic grade content and excellent mechanical properties. Free from bisphenol and phthalate, these bags do not cause environmental pollution. Provided Biodegradable Bags are leakage proof and are completely protected against high temperature. Moreover, these do not generate unpleasant smell and dissipate moisture. Offered in different colors, these bags have embossed surface.
Product Image (80)

Biodegradable Carry Bag

Price: 325 INR

This product is use for multipurpose work.

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Green Garbage Bag

Price: 205 INR

Ecofriendly and Biodegradable Bag

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Compostable Garbage Bag 19" x 21"

Price: 133 INR

This is eco firendly and biodegradable bags.

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32 x 42 inch Garbage Bag

Price: 215 INR

black garbage bag

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19x21 Green Garbage Bag

Price: 215 INR

biodegradable bag

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19 x 21 Inch Garbage Bag

Price: 41 INR

Oxo biodegradable Garbage bag